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CONTINUOUS PROGRESS Better Advocacy Through Evaluation
Welcome to Continuous Progress, your online guide to more effective foreign policy advocacy and evaluation. Continuous Progress provides you with a step-by-step roadmap for planning your advocacy programs and conducting evaluations before, during and after your campaign. Whether you are an advocate just setting your goals or a grantmaker knee-deep in execution, use this practical tool to ensure you are making the most of your efforts. Look for tips, tools and resources to expand your expertise. Read More »                    Table of Contents »

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Make Poverty History:
Evaluating for Success

More than 400 groups joined forces to drive the fight against poverty to the top of the agenda for 2005's G8 summit. The campaign conducted smart evaluation to truly understand the impact -- and lessons -- of its efforts.
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evaluation basics guide for advocates guide for grantmakers
How can evaluation work for your organization? Find out why evaluation is critical for helping you shape current and future advocacy initiatives.
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Wondering how to know if your advocacy is making a difference? Thinking about the pros and cons of expanding your coalition? Wishing your funder understood your strategy? This guide will help you stay on course.
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Advocates »
Have you established your benchmarks and indicators? Are you getting the most from your communication with grantees? Find out how to make the most of your investments with this must-read guide for grantmakers.
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