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Global Interdependence Initiative
CONTINUOUS PROGRESS Better Advocacy Through Evaluation
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Guide for Grantmakers

The Grantmaker Guide is divided into the three phases of an advocacy campaign:

The pages in these sections have a logical flow and order, but planning and executing evaluation is not always a linear process; also, your needs may vary according to where you are in your campaign. Feel free to jump around inside these sections to learn about the different components of foreign policy and global development advocacy evaluation as it applies to grantmaking.

If your organization has already made an advocacy grant, it is not too late to implement some of the critical lessons of your evaluation. Use the “Before” section to obtain background information and to learn how to ensure your campaign's Continuous Progress.

Many sections will feature a Toolkit item in the right-hand column. These items—from tools for assessing coalition health to tips on setting smart advocacy goals—can be compiled in your personal Toolkit throughout your visit to Continuous Progress. You can collect and print out, save, or send a colleague tools that will help guide your advocacy evaluation planning.

Advocacy examples and resources will also be referenced in each section to help convey some of the concepts. Each resource will give some context on its potential usefulness for advocacy evaluation as a grantmaker. Clicking on a resource will take you to the Reference section containing all of the information you need to get a full-text copy.

Since dialogue is important between advocates and grantmakers, you may be interested in seeing what the Advocate Guide says about a given topic. When applicable, this button:


will allow you to toggle to the grantmaker section on the same evaluation subject.

Of course, we also encourage you to ask your grantees to use the Advocate Guide in their Continuous Progress as well.

Choose a section and start to make Continuous Progress!

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