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Global Interdependence Initiative
CONTINUOUS PROGRESS Better Advocacy Through Evaluation
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Edith Asibey, Principal, Edith Asibey Consulting

Edith Asibey provides consulting services for nonprofits and philanthropies in communications, advocacy, youth engagement, strategic planning and capacity building. She has extensive experience developing programs and campaigns to help the poorest people around the world. Her latest project is Continuous Progress, a set of online tools for better advocacy through evaluation, developed for The Aspen Institute's Global Interdependence Initiative.

Until February 2006 Edith worked for NetAid, a nonprofit that fights global poverty by raising awareness and generating support for poverty alleviation programs. She developed public education and advocacy campaigns that reached and mobilized tens of thousands of people, online and offline. Through these campaigns Edith made apparent the connection between lack of education and extreme poverty, and mobilized support for education in the developing world. As a result, resources were directed to education projects in several African and Asian countries, with focus on girls and AIDS-affected children.

Edith also led the development of “World Class,” the first game to teach U.S. kids about the challenges faced by children living in poverty in the developing world when trying to get an education. Building upon the experience of the game, Edith and her team developed three youth engagement programs that energized American youth to join the fight against global poverty.

While previously based in Miami, Edith oversaw communications for the AVINA Foundation, an international grantmaking foundation supporting sustainable development projects throughout Latin America. Edith began her professional career in Latin America, where she managed environmental programs in Paraguay. She also developed public awareness campaigns for TV and radio about environmental issues, as well as environmental education programs for teachers, youth and community leaders. Additionally, Edith directed the International Center for Nonprofit Management, an institution that provides management training to nonprofit leaders in Latin America.

Edith holds a M.A. in Media Studies from Stanford University and undergraduate degrees in Biology and Education from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. She is fluent in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English, languages she uses on a regular basis to navigate the stores and restaurants of New York City.

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